Khalis Bali Bamboo Furniture is a company that manufactures bamboo furniture and handicrafts. We have been operating since 1990. We sell both retail and wholesale bamboo handicrafts from various regions in Indonesia, including Bali.

Khalis Bali Bamboo is an export oriented company with international quality and competitive prices. So far, we have produced a lot of bamboo furniture combined with rattan, wood and coconut shell. The products include beds, chairs, tables, drawers, cabinets, wardrobes, umbrella tables, bar tables, etc.

From our experience in dealing with our customers, they always ask for handicrafts to optimize the space inside the container. We already produce handicrafts such as frames, masks, lamps, musical instruments, and others. We also provide bamboo (Petung, Tali, Fishing Bamboo) and woven bamboo for wall or ceiling (Bedeg Batik, Bedeg Antiq and Bedeg Natural). Therefore, whenever you are in Bali, please visit our showroom and workshop.

What We Do?


We produce various bamboo handicrafts like furniture, souvenirs, lampshades, etc. You can also show your design for the furniture.

Retail & Wholesale

We sell various bamboo products in retail and wholesale quantities according to your needs.


We export our products to several countries such as France, India, Netherlands, etc.