Welcome to Khalis Bali Bamboo

Unleash the Beauty of Bamboo in Your Home

Experience the timeless grace of bamboo through our exquisite products. From furniture to decor, we transform nature’s wonders into functional art for your living spaces.

Welcome to Khalis Bali Bamboo

Bamboo Creations Beyond Imagination

Explore a world of eco-luxury with Khalis Bali Bamboo. Our exceptional bamboo products redefine elegance, offering you a touch of nature’s finest in every piece.

Welcome to Khalis Bali Bamboo

Discover the Beauty of Nature in Every Detail

Khalis Bali Bamboo invites you to explore the exquisite world of nature’s finest creations. Immerse yourself in the intricate details and eco-friendly luxury of bamboo.

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What We Do?


We produce various bamboo handicrafts like furniture, souvenirs, lampshades, etc. You can also show your design for the furniture.

Retail & Wholesale

We sell various bamboo products in retail and wholesale quantities according to your needs.


We export our products to several countries such as France, India, Netherlands, etc.