About Bamboo

BAMBOO is the one Indonesian land product which can be designed as furniture’s or handicrafts. The use of these product is common in the Hotels, Bungalows, Restaurants, Housing either real estates or the simple one. It mean that it is liked by many people, mostly by these who want an artistic sense and back to natural without ignoring the comfortability and the strength.

We use many kinds of bamboo, and those are as follows :

1. White Bamboo
2. Tiger Bamboo
3. Brown Bamboo

A. White Rattan
B. Black Rattan
C. Tali Ijuk

A, B, C are materials which are used to tide the Bamboo and to close the whole, According to the size, herewith is the list of the Bamboo :

1. Petung Bamboo ( 10 cm – 14 cm )
2. Tali Bamboo ( 3 cm – 9 cm)
3. Fishing Bamboo

There are many designs that we use to make an artistic product and those are: